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Home to some of New York City’s most famous buildings like The Dakota, with its enchanting architecture, and the equally impressive San Remo just a couple streets away, Central Park West is one of the most eye-popping neighborhoods to live in. 

It is historically renowned for its blending of architecture and residential living. So much so, that it earned a listing on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. It is thought to have some of the most diverse and beautiful skylines in all of New York and has drawn celebrity residents for decades

If world-class architecture isn’t enough for you, there are plenty of warm brownstones to be found as well. There is so much to do in Central Park West, the most obvious being in the name of the neighborhood itself. With Central Park running the length of one of its borders, there’s easy access to the park and all its wonders, running trails, row boats, and bridges. If you prefer the indoors, the American Museum of Natural History is at your service. 

There are few places in the world that can match Central Park West’s varied combination of urban and residential charm, elegance, and spirit. 

Destination Spots

Ghostbuster Building. Also known as the Shandor Building, this piece of Art Deco architecture is now home to co-op housing. Known most famously for its role in the 1984 hit movie, Ghostbusters, this building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. It is one of the most coveted places to live, with former residents including Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. Who you gonna call? Located at 55 Central Park West.

American Museum of Natural History. Massive in size, even more so in wonder. The AMNH inspired the setting for the movie, Night at the Museum, based on the book, The Night at the Museum, which is actually set in AMNH. It is an iconic cultural and scientific institution that should not be missed. Located at Central Park West & 79th Street.

Central Park. Central Park is so famous and celebrated, it hardly needs mentioning. Then again, how could we not? It is one of the finest urban parks one will ever have the good fortune of visiting. Grandiose in scale (843 acres) and thoughtful in execution, there is no shortage of activities in which to partake. Whether you like boat rides, running, cycling, reading, writing, singing, eating, or napping, Central Park has a world-class spot for it. You could visit this park for years and still not see and do everything. Located at 59th Street to Central Park North.

What You Might See

A sleepover for grown-ups. After its triumphant event, “family sleepover,” the American Museum of Natural History has created an event just for grown-ups. On September 13th, from 6:30pm to 9am, spend a night with whales, sharks, mastodons, and a literal museum full of nature’s wonders, past and present. Along with full access to the permanent collection and other luxuries (like your own cot), the event includes a champagne reception, buffet dinner with wine and beer, and live music.

What’s In The Future

After years of historic growth, things have slowed down over the last year or so. That is, except for the “ultra-prime” market, where famous properties like The Dakota, San Remo, and 15 Central Park West have enjoyed record sales. As a result, the neighborhood continues to add to its long-standing history of drawing celebrities of every ilk, from writers to business moguls.

Living in Central Park West

What You Might Not Know

The Charles B. Stover Bench. Located in the Shakespeare Garden, this unique bench is referred to by locals as the “Whisper Bench” and is made of granite. It spans 20 feet and is constructed in such a way that friends can hear each other clear as day from either end whilst speaking normally. Or in iambic pentameter, if you’d prefer.

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What We Love

For its mixture of splendid architecture and residential living, its location near one of the world’s most stunning parks and the Hudson River, there isn’t a more idyllic urban setting in which to live. Cultural, pop cultural, intellectual, physical, and gastronomical activities abound in Central Park West. If you like living within the city, but crave a residential feeling, few other neighborhoods in the world can compare.

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