A Story of New York City Residential Real Estate

Searching for a home and finding happiness

New York City is a city of lines, subway lines, bus lines, street grids, apartment lines. Today, we can even add testing and vaccination lines.

Linecity is a fresh new approach to the age old art of listing and searching for real estate. We are a portal for viewing apartments for rent or sale in NYC, not a real estate brokerage company. We are independently owned and not controlled by a publicly traded company or oodles of venture capital funding.

But we have wisdom and heart and everything needed to make this site great, not just for us, but more importantly for you. By you, we mean the consumer, the broker and the homeowner. Our information is second to none. It is both transparent and honest. We will never deceive the public user nor will we ever sell out the agent. Brokers and agents are the center of our universe and we firmly believe in their ability to add value to any transaction, no matter which side they represent.

Linecity is the natural evolution of On-Line Residential (aka OLR), our Business-to-Business platform that has been serving the residential brokerage community in NYC for the past 26 years. This is not a story about people looking for apartments and being disillusioned by the entire process. This is a story about professional real estate people who have spent the decades improving the process as technology has transformed the real estate landscape.

We are real estate folks first, techies a close second. We have been in the field. We have sold and leased. Represented sellers and buyers. The founder of Linecity, his partner and the top three executives of the company have more than 150 years invested in this market, either as a real estate broker, agent or as a decision-maker at OLR. We are not disruptors trying to upset the applecart with other people’s money. We are smart, dedicated people who work as hard today as we did some 26 years ago to deliver the best software and the best data to the community that we serve.

We have maintained our original business vows; our mission statement today is no different than when we drew up our first business plan, “To continually build the finest product to best serve the brokerage community who in turn must answer to the toughest audience, the NYC consumer.”

So join us for this ride as we open up the marketplace. Make Linecity your home as we introduce the next evolution in New York City real estate. We encourage your participation and for you to tell us what you need as we continue to evolve.