Listings Quality Policy

The goal of Linecity and its affiliated companies is to provide the user with accurate, timely and fully transparent real estate information. This has been our model for the last 24 years as we have dutifully served the residential brokerage community in New York City as On-Line Residential, Inc. ( aka OLR) with our Business-to-Business platform.

It is paramount that we maintain the quality of our data to the highest standard. Without this quality control, we will not be able to provide the great user experience to which we subscribe. With this mandate, we ask you, the user, to acknowledge and comply with our Listings Quality Policy. This includes the right of Linecity to reject listings, remove elements of your listings, restrict your use or terminate your ability to log in and use the site in any password related capacity, including, but not limited to the entry of listings, closed sales information and searches.

Advertising Listings

Linecity will accept each of the following listing types: Exclusives, Limited, Ours Alone as well as Open listings from developers, landlords, and management companies. We will except listings for the following property types, Residential Homes for Sale, Residential Co-ops, Residential Condops, Residential Condos, Residential Rentals, Mixed-use and Income Properties for Sale. In each case, the submitting broker or agent must have a written agreement or acknowledgment for an advertised listing. Linecity will not ask for proof for such an agreement unless there is a conflict among agencies (and yes, this does arise). Listings can be submitted with a maximum of four agents. If a listing is submitted and there is a Co-Exclusive among multiple agencies, the name of the co-agency must be submitted with the text of the listing description in the following manner: "This is a co-exclusive with XYZ firm."

Property Addresses

Linecity will only accept listings with full addresses, which includes the proper street and property number (as listed by the GIS). If we do not already have the address within our database, we will confirm the address with city records. If the address does not match a city record, we will not accept the listing and contact you accordingly. In some cases, buildings have been introduced to the market with a combined address in order to best serve the consumer and to avoid confusion. Linecity will address these situations as they arise and display these properties as we deem fit. Do not, in any case, make up an address or intentionally enter a listing with an incorrect address. In both cases, the user will risk suspension of services.

Contact Information

Do not enter your contact information into the broker description. The consumer will clearly see your name and affiliation on your listing page at all times. We are not in the business of selling your listing page to another agent or brokerage firm. So please do not enter your name, email address, phone number or company affiliation anywhere in the broker description. This is a co-broke world and your peers want to share your listing information with their own clients (as you will with their listings), so please adhere to this policy. If we find such contact information in your broker description, we will either remove it or reject the listing.

Non-Conforming Listing Types:

Unfortunately, we do not accept every listing type. By our own definition, Linecity is a residential platform solely built for the promotion of residential listings in the five boroughs of New York City. We do not accept commercial properties for lease. That’s an easy one. We do not accept retail storefronts for lease. We do not accept professional or medical space for sale or for lease. We do not currently accept rooms for rent or roommate share listings.

Listing Feeds

Yes, we accept listing feeds, but they must conform to the Linecityfeed specs and include a full data set, which would include photos, broker description, and our mandatory feeds as determined by the property type. Click here to download the feed specifications.

Growing Old

Our goal is to provide the consumer with timely and accurate information so we will request that your listings remain current. In our minds, anything more than a few days old can be outdated. The market moves fast. So if you provide a feed, we would like to receive it daily. If you are an individual agent, we would like you to update your listing(s) every three days. Any listing not updated within seven days will be designated accordingly. If a listing is not updated within 14 days, we reserve the right to remove it from consumer view. While we will not remove Contract Signed listings, we would like these listings to be updated on a weekly basis as well.

Switching Apartment Numbers

Truthfully this is a hornet’s nest. But in our best effort to provide transparent information, we are dead set against the policy of swapping apartment numbers in an attempt to make a listing feel new and fresh. Our goal is to conform to the apartment naming convention provided by the USPS. So when you switch the nomenclature of apartment "2-B" to "B-2," it is going to raise a red flag. Some we will catch, others maybe not. But this game of three-card monte with apartment numbers will not be tolerated.

Days on Market

Yet another hornet’s nest that needs to be navigated by all parties, the property owner, the exclusive agent and the consumer. It is our belief that the total number of "Days on Market" adds a stigma to many properties and artificially devalues these properties over time. In truth, the market decides the value and if a property is priced correctly it will sell or rent in a reasonable time frame. So the Days on Market ticker will not be front and center on the Linecitylisting page. Instead, it will be reflected in the historical records where if need be someone can find it.


Hyperlinks are strictly prohibited. We allow users to link back to their company website via a separate URL field. We also allow users to link to your property videos, virtual tours or other media through media fields that you may enter through the data entry process. If you insert any hyperlinks within the broker summary, we will either remove the link or remove your listing in its entirety from the platform.