Arun Bhatia
AIB Management, Corp.
420 East 64th Street, Suite E1B, New York, NY 10065

Founder and CEO of the Arun Bhatia Development Organization, Arun Bhatia began his career in 1979 in New York City after obtaining a Masters in Real Estate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In over 32 years he has since developed over 20 projects with 2,000 plus condominiums and 1700 student beds for a value over $1 billion. 

With full attention to the unique character of each building and its surroundings, Arun Bhatia combines distinctive design with luxurious amenities and features, and manages to do it with competitive pricing and bold marketing strategies. But what’s particularly unique is that Mr. Bhatia, as sole principal, controls each project from concept to completion with a hands-on approach that is as exemplary as it is rare. This approach has been so successful that rapid sellouts, even before buildings are complete or ready for occupancy, has been the norm. 

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