Michel Madie
President, Licensed Real Estate Broker
Licensed As Michel Madie, #10311200023
Michel Madie Real Estate Services
22 East 82nd Street, Suite C, New York, NY 10023

On January 1st 2000, Michel Madie started Michel Madie Real Estate Services Corp, his boutique of high-end real estate brokerage and renovation, after 12 years of association as a sales broker with Douglas Elliman, Manhattan’s largest residential firm, and 2 years previously at Thompson Realty, one of New York’s most active rental firms at the time. He consistently made high achievements in his field, scoring as #1 rental broker in his very first month of activity in 1986, and again #1 broker during his first year in sales at Douglas Elliman. He then went on to be consistently awarded in the top 5 brokers during his association with that firm.
Michel’s goal is now two-fold: provide an un-compromised level of quality in his service to his buyers and sellers, and to take his customers and friends on a ride to wealth through real estate investments. His confidence is earned: Michel has never failed, in and out of market fluctuations, to provide extraordinary income to his investors, or to match people with their dream home, often pulling out of a hat the property that surpasses his buyer’s hope. When acting as the exclusive marketing agent to a seller, Michel stuns them with the intelligence and creativity put forth to initiate offers through brilliant marketing, protect transactions against all unexpected tides and the most challenging cooperative applications, and lead his sales to fruition.
Michel can so naturally assist you in achieving your real estate dreams because of the bounty of his unique background and his eagerness to consistently learn. He reached a high degree of excellence in his education, graduating Suma Cum Laude (Mention Tres Honorable avec Eloges et Echange) in Veterinary Medicine in the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Lyon, founded by Bourgelat in 1761 and the first and most recognized veterinary school in the world. His doctorate thesis was on comparative education in Europe and the United States. His brilliantly articulated mathematical and scientific mind weaves within his inflexible honest stands, his love to give, endless creativity, and not the worst sense of humor. These fine traits and achievements, combined to his unsurpassed experience and success in all real estate aspects, make him the ultimate partner in your search for a home or investment property.
Michel’s European upbringing and interest for travel and communication have brought him to speak seven languages fluently… and study seven more. Outside of Real Estate, his passions lie in the arts where he excels as a photographer, Tango and Flamenco performer, musician, cook, actor, director, architect and restorer. Michel is also a gifted astrology healer since 1978. “I studied astrology to prove it flawed. After 15 years of efficient reading and healing cessions, this technique tamed me to adopt it as a mysterious yet reassuring window between the Cartesian and the esoteric”. These talents sculpted the quintessential Renaissance man, a well-rounded individual whose acute sensitivity will become your best ally.
His secrets: •“-Workaholic? What is that? •-Television? Never! •-Sleep? An average of four-hour nights is plenty! •-Food? Very little time for a much of it, but a cult. •-Yoga, Swimming, Breathing? How not to?!”.
“I want the best for you if you give me the immense privilege of Trust”. “95% of my sales are made on the first day, out of the first three showings. ” This is not an exaggeration. Michel’s analytical mind and his fine ability to assess both people and properties makes him a no-nonsense broker who gets the job done with grace, finesse and an assuredly educated style.
Michel has carefully assembled a team of salespeople who reflect his core values, creativity and sincerity in their business dealings. All of his staff members are polished individuals with great vision and devotion.
Equipped with the latest in technology, and known to the vast brokerage community, Michel and his associates team up constructively to bring faster results. “We pride ourselves in providing 360 degrees of services, using computerized three-dimensional views of the spaces we market if necessary”. “I am an architect at heart. I have, many times, turned properties around and tripled their value or more within six months. I see the potential of a wall, a new doorway, a picture molding; a color, a rug, a plant... Space speaks to me. One of the thrills in my work is to succeed in conveying the full grasp of a property’s potential and the lifestyle it will offer, be it a princess in disguise. Yet I will only go through that exercise of visualization if I fully believe that my buyer’s name is on that door…”.
“i never make a sale. i educate”

Languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
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