Heléne Fields
President, Licensed Real Estate Broker
HF International Realty Ltd.
208 East 75th Street, New York, NY 10021

Helene Fields Licensed Real Estate Broker, President of HF International Realty

Heléne Fields is one of the most talented, experienced and knowledgeable real estate brokers in New York City.  As a native New Yorker, she possesses a keen familiarity with the real estate development of this grand city along with a respectable and shinning reputation within the real estate community.  Countless landlords, agents, brokers, members of co-op boards, directors, supers, buyers, sellers all admire and revere Heléne's expertise in her craft and dedication to her clients.

She prides herself on providing a personalized service which has proven over the years to be the keystone feature of her successful business.  Heléne's long standing commitment to professionalism is reflected in her many awards and honors.  She has served on the Residential Board of Directors many times, and is currently serving on the Ethic Committee.  In 2004, Heléne received the highest tribute that the real estate community can present; The Henry Forster Award.  This honor is solely granted to those who exhibit "an outstanding record of achievement and success in residential real estate sales; a display of exemplary character and ethical conduct in the profession; a contribution to and achievement within organizations in the industry but outside his/her own firm; and contributions to cultural, charitable and community organizations outside the industry."  In addition to the prestigious Henry Forster Award, Heléne has also received the highest achievement available to New York City broker's, that of New York Residential Specialist (NYRS).  Out of the 30,000 real estate brokers in New York only 300 are choosen to participate in NYRS, making Heléne one of the top tier brokers in NYC.

A true sign of Heléne's dedication to her clients is seen through the amount of recommendations she receives; "It's been mothers to daughters, daughters to mother-in-laws, friends to friends, from generation to generation. And from time to time, celebrities, actors, directors, choreographers, and composers galore. It's been wonderful and gratifying," says Heléne.  She is a naturally compassionate person which radiates through to her clients; even on a personal level she is constantly working to improve the quality of life of others.  She volunteers with the Coalition for the Homeless, and she sends a donation to the Wheelchair Foundation with every closing HF International Realty Ltd makes.  She is involved with number of other charities and organizations as well.  Heléne Fields is an outstanding broker who built an exceptional  firm - any experience with Helene or any of the wonderful team at HF International Realty Ltd is sure to be pleasant, rewarding and gratifying.

And on a fun note, her rescue dog, Sheba, is a member of the office family as well and comes to the office every day!

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