Sandra Salander
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
R New York
641 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2202, New York, NY 10022

SANDRA SALANDER residential sales, rentals & interior design

As a seasoned real estate broker and interior designer, Sandra has a remarkable ability to identify impressive property potential - helping you buy, sell or rent your ideal real estate.  She supersedes sellers’ expectations by transforming their properties and selling them faster and at higher prices – even the “unsellable” properties.  Buyers also benefit immensely by Sandra’s guidance to finding their dream home.  Often for less money than expected when she identifies properties that may not look like the obvious choice but turn into perfection with minor changes.

With over 18 years of real estate experience and as a business owner for equally long, Sandra has acquired sharp negotiation skills.  Sandra knows that regardless of her previous success, it is only the quality of her current deals that determine her future successes.


Besides her extensive real estate experience, Sandra truly understands her clients.  Her motto is absolute transparency and she negotiates on behalf of her clients as she would for herself.

Sandra was born and raised in Sweden and Spain.  She also lived in London and California before moving to New York 12 years ago.  Her exposure to a variety of nationalities has equipped her with multi-cultural awareness and multi-lingual fluency in English, Spanish and Swedish. 

Friends and clients alike appreciate Sandra’s unwavering integrity, her positive energy and her absolute determination. She commands the Manhattan real estate market as well as Brooklyn and Queens - for investors and home owners alike.

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