Jason Sciulara
Bergen Basin Realty
5817 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Jason Sciulara was born into Brooklyn real estate. At the young age of 18, when most kids were striving for a driver's license, Sciulara was one step ahead. Obtaining a NYS Real Estate license positioned him as a pioneer in the industry at a time when young Realtors were exceedingly rare. Working with some of the most successful brokers in the business he soaked up knowledge like a sponge. He learned and experienced from the best and yet he yearned for more. Over time, Sciulara built a solid reputation as a hardworking, reliable, professional and friendly real estate salesman. By carefully listening to clients needs and wants he built bridges at a time when others were burning them. In the 1990's this concept eluded too many other Brooklyn brokers but he knew that selling homes was not just a business. This was the biggest investment in most people's lifetime so Sciulara knew that it's quite personal. Finally in 2005 partnering up with, also seasoned and respected associate broker, Doreen Alfano, he acquired Bergen Basin Realty, a well established and reputable company for over 30 years. Each one of his 20 agents are taught to put clients first, to be a respected real estate resource and trustworthy individuals. In these tough economic times Bergen Basin Realty has continuously grown displaying a sure sign of a winning formula: building and nurturing personal business relationships yeilds long term success

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