Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – 385 West 12th Street

By Linecity, October 21, 2019

Walking down this charming cobblestoned street in the far West Village between Washington Street and West Street, one feels like they could be walking down a contemporary cover of Bob Dylan’s The Freewheelin’

And if you take even the briefest moment to look up from your best Bob Dylan impression, you’ll notice a magnificent postwar building clad in various proportions of copper sheathing. It’s color cunningly blends the building in with its surroundings, but those with a discerning eye will discover a wondrous work designed by Flank Architecture. The uneven exterior on the facade of the building is choreographed to dance with the sun’s passage, casting dynamic shadows and significance onto the building and walkway below. The intricate rectangular pieces jut in and out, giving observers the impression that some cosmic mystery is preparing to unfold. There is a confident, bold energy exuding from this building. 

Once the location for the home and studio of famed fashion designer, Diane von Furstenburg (known for the wrap dress), the lot was re purposed in 2007. 385 West 12th Street now rises seven floors and is comprised of 12 residences – all of which are impeccably designed three and four bedroom units. Each home is uncommonly large for such a building and conveys its own unique personality and intricate design. The building, inside and out, is state-of-the-art and sleek, with an eye towards luxurious comfort and modernity. The amenities here rival those of a five star hotel. Each apartment has direct keyed elevator access. The common roof deck includes a 50 foot lap pool, spa, workout area, outdoor shower, grilling stations, and dining area – not to mention a striking view of the Hudson. There’s even a lifeguard. 

However you define home, if artistry and function are both important to you, this fine piece of West Village architecture is prepared to accommodate. View full details on