A Solemn Reminder – Liberty Park

By Linecity, November 12, 2019

Liberty Park, just south of the World Trade Center, is probably one of the more delightful accidental places in all of New York City.  As most downtown visitors stream up Greenwich Street with an eye on the 9/11 Memorial, a few lucky ones curiously walk up the steps to this elevated park and immediately feel captivated by the serenity of this public space.  

In the truest example of New York City grit and resilience, Liberty Park offers a peaceful and contemplative retreat while overlooking the grounds of the memorial. While it only takes about five minutes to walk from end to end (there is a second means of egress from West Street), people linger and reflect. The angled teak benches are welcoming and the crowds from below seem distant.

The one-acre elevated park, which opened in 2016, is home to The Sphere, the iconic bronze sculpture that was salvaged from the World Trade Center site. A second sculpture, America’s Response Monument, is dedicated to the United States Special Forces, our elite front-line combatants against global terrorism.

Liberty Park soberly overlooks the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. And yet, even within the shadow of one of New York’s darkest moments, this park serves as a reminder of all the beauty within New York City. It’s a symbol of hope and strength. This is best exemplified by the “Living Wall,” a 336-foot long vertical garden that incorporates 825 panels of vegetation as well as a sapling tree cultivated from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. 

The park, elevated some 25 feet above street level, sits atop the vehicle security center for the WTC. In a prior life, the abandoned shell of the former Deutsche Bank building stood here.  

Liberty Park welcomes tourists from all corners of the globe as well as locals on their lunch break. With its inspiring views and reflective soul, this park is not to be missed. It’s a solemn reminder of a horrific moment in our history but at the same time a signal toward the future. Liberty Park isn’t just a park or green space; it’s an emblem of confident optimism and respect.  It is New York City. Click here for sales in the Financial District near Liberty Park