Featured Neighborhood – Financial District

By Linecity, January 9, 2020

The Financial District (FiDi) today is a bit of a hybrid neighborhood, as the residential component continues to grow in an area that has been historically dominated by the financial and insurance industries. The residential experiment, which began more than two decades ago, continues to evolve in an area with a large concentration of older, large office buildings. Developers have taken to these aged buildings and have re-positioned them as residential properties. In turn, the public spaces, services and retail establishments needed for a thriving residential neighborhood have followed making this an important destination for city residents.

The Financial District currently has 308 apartments for sale at a median sales price of $ 1,637,000.  The average price per square foot is $ 1,649.  At present, there are 299 apartments for rent in the Financial District, with one-bedroom units ranging from $3,000 to $7,100 per month. Click here to read more about the Financial District, Manhattan.