49 Summit Street, 1C

By Linecity, November 2, 2020

The calm before the storm.  I stare at this great open family room, beautifully arranged for the sale to be, and all I can think of is the action that this room absorbs all day, every day.  But now, still as a new dawn, this ONE ROOM at 49 Summit Street, Brooklyn can only beckon a growing  family that soon will find this inviting space the center of their universe for years to come.

For all intents and purposes, this ground floor all-purpose family room might as well scream out, “We’re Home.” 

Our One Room selection for today is a bit atypical for this post, but like prior posts, it causes the viewer to pause and pay attention.  Aside from its openness, one is drawn to the coffered ceilings that criss-cross the room and the enormous casement windows (out of picture) that add a loft-like feel to the residence.  The open kitchen, which wraps around the far corner of the room anchors the space; the remaining area can be defined as you like.  Eat. Work. Play.

Apartment 1-C is a ground-floor residence that occupies the entire first floor of this three-story red-brick townhouse.  This 1472 square foot home offers three bedrooms (Or two plus a den/study) and two full baths as well as a tremendous private rear yard with a stone paved patio.  Think suburbs in the city. 

49 Summit Street is one of six contiguous postwar industrial-style townhouses that have been built along this underdeveloped section of Summit Street.  49 is part of a three-building condominium (49-53 Summit Street) comprising nine residences.  The property falls within the Columbia Waterfront District, an offbeat, rather isolated neighborhood (by New York Standards) that encompasses just 22 blocks between the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the Brooklyn waterfront.  

So bring your kids, your pets, your crayons and your cookie sheets, because this fabulous  home is waiting for a young family to embark on their next journey.

Apartment 1-C is exclusively available for sale through John Bataille of Nest Seekers International at an asking price of $2,250,000, about $1529 per interior square foot..  To learn more about this fabulous family opportunity visit Linecity.com.