625 Park Avenue, Apartment 5-A

By Linecity, October 13, 2021

Nothing says WELCOME like the grand foyer in this Park Avenue residence. In fact, it might be the most splendid apartment entry we’ve seen to date. On first impression alone, the grandeur of this front room makes the latest edition of “Rooms We Love.” 

The foyer of apartment 5-A at 625 Park Avenue combines a multitude of interior design styles; a hint of Art-Deco with elements of Italian Palazzo and Greek Revival creates a bold fusion and a look all to its own. 

One doesn’t just enter this full-floor residence, they arrive.  Step off the private elevator landing and come upon a pair of enchanting wrought iron doors.  Steeped in exquisite ornamental detail, these doors literally lead you into this Park Avenue home. 

The front room – foyer seems to be an understatement – is full of stimulation. Your eyes dart from corner to corner.  We were immediately drawn to the patterned floor. Black, yellow and white marble form geometric shapes that seize your attention. 

Across the room, a large doorway leading to the home’s library is framed by a gorgeous Greek Revival entablature with corbels. The doorway is flanked by a pair of large planters shaped like Egyptian Pharaohs. Reminds us of the Egyptian Wing at the  Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Hey, why not?

Ornate crown molding frame the white marble tiled walls. They gleam from an eloquent center chandelier. The fabulous room is complete with a well curated French Empire style mirror, table piece and bench furnishings.

This four-bedroom Park Avenue residence totals more than 5,100 square feet of pure opulence. Each room is a bit more fabulous then the next. 

From the foyer you can go in multiple directions.  To the left is the bedroom wing, which houses all four bedrooms.  Straight ahead is the library.  To the right are the living room and the formal dining room. 

The living room, dining room and library all sport working fireplaces, stunning architectural details and custom-designed ceilings.  Each ceiling is more magnificent than the last.

625 Park Avenue stands prominently at the northeast corner of East 65th Street.  This historic property was designed by J.E.R Carpenter, one of the city’s most revered pre-war architects. The building rises 14 floors and contains just 32 apartments, many of which have been occupied by a who’s who of the fabulously wealthy.

The current asking price for apartment 5-A is $15.995,000. That’s 13.5% off the original ask of $18.5 million. This represents a per square foot price of $3,125.

This property is being represented by Richard J. Steinberg, Alexander Mignogna, and Emanuele Fiore of Compass.  To learn more about this home, please visit Linecity.com.