A Green Sanctuary Amidst the Towers – Teardrop Park

By Linecity, April 15, 2022

Teardrop Park is a bit of a treasure for those lucky enough to find it. Tucked within the residential towers that loom over the northern sector of Battery Park City, this unique park delivers a sanctuary to relax, play and explore.  

This transcendent public space, located just off Warren Street – at least that’s how we found it – offers an opportunity to experience the transported natural settings of the rich vegetation that fills the park.  As you navigate your way through this urban greenspace, you will traverse through a variety of settings and topical formations. Daydream a bit and you might teleport yourself to any one of these natural habitats.

It’s easy to zip right past Teardrop Park’s midblock location. At first glance, it appears to be a private arboretum for the modern structures that surround it.  But take a few steps into this enchanted space and you’ll soon realize it’s open to the public and well worth exploring. It’s the perfect spot to lunch or to zen out for a spell.

The four residential buildings that surround the park are: River and Warren Condominiums, The Solaire, The Verdesian and Tribeca Green. In addition to the Warren Street entrance, one can access Teardrop Park from River Terrace, North End Avenue and Murray Street. 

At 1.8 acres Teardrop Park is relatively small for a city park. In contrast, walk a bit further west and find the expansive Rockefeller Park which gracefully fronts the Hudson River.  Here you can suntan, picnic or toss a frisbee.  The Hudson River Esplanade runs along the park’s perimeter and invites you to bike, run or walk aĺl the way up the west side of Manhattan.

Teardrop Park is designed to keep you inside its boundaries like a womb. The environment welcomes and nurtures.

Native plants are plentiful within Teardrop Park. According to one neighborhood website, it’s home to over 16,871 native plants and shrubs.  In fact, close to 90% of the plant life within the park is native to New York. Landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh designed this slice of green space; the firm played a key role in designing Brooklyn Bridge Park, one of the city’s most cherished public spaces. 

As you wander through the park you come across a cluster of upright slabs of bluestone. The unusual pattern is the work of artist Ann Hamilton. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary rock formation but then you realize the arranged slabs of bluestone are intentional. According to the artist, the work is a geologic representation of time, both past and present.  

Kids are the real winners when it comes to Teardrop Park.  Experts from the Natural Learning Institute consulted on the project and implemented a number of natural elements – water, rocks, sand and plants – with which children can interact.  The southern side of the park has a large slide, sandpits, and a water playground. 

It’s pretty easy to dash past Teardrop Park. The next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop! Take a slow stroll through this urban oasis and embrace the nature within.  Click here to see sales in Battery Park City near Teardrop Park.  Click here to see available rentals.