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From Irish enclave to modern day melting pot, Woodside Queens is an affordable working-class neighborhood with a laid-back vibe.  

 Woodside is bordered by Elmhurst to the east, Astoria to the west, Jackson Heights to the northeast and Long Island City to the south.

 According to many residents, one of the perks of living in the neighborhood is the short train commute to Manhattan and Grand Central Station. What Woodside lacks in attractions, it certainly makes up for it with fun bars and pubs, coffee shops, parks, and food spots. Especially the endless variety of ethnic food establishments throughout the neighborhood.

 Queens is already the epicenter of ethnic food. So, it’s no surprise that there are many culinary treasures in Woodside. Especially when it comes to Filipino food. Little Manilla, as it's affectionately known as, begins at 63rd Street on Roosevelt Avenue and extends to 71st. You’ll find Filipino markets and restaurants selling everything from comfort food to traditional Filipino ingredients. Make sure you come hungry.

 Woodside has always been a melting pot. Irish, Italian and German immigrants flocked to the neighborhood in the early 20th century. In recent years, Asian and Latin immigrants have joined the population.

 As of lately, the neighborhood has attracted people looking to get a little more bang for their buck as well as those who have been priced out of nearby areas like Sunnyside and Long Island City. Most Woodside residents rent and a smaller portion of them own.

 When it comes to housing stock, you’ll find a little bit of everything in Woodside. Standalone houses, large apartment buildings, towering co-ops and 2 and 3 story detached homes are common.

 The neighborhood has not seen an explosion of growth in new and modern construction yet so there are some good deals to be had. The average listed price is $419,000 while the median listed price is $372,000.

 Woodside's main commercial artery is Roosevelt Avenue, which has always been a busy thoroughfare. Irish bars, Italian bakeries, mom and pop stores of every type share the commercial space. The rumbling subway passes overhead on the elevated track and adds a little grittiness to it all.

Destination Spots

Saints and Sinners – Just one block from the 7 Train this Irish pub and restaurant is a favorite spot for locals. Known for their good food and fun atmosphere. The live music and entertainment is an added bonus.

Super Dive Scuba – The dense urban neighborhood of Woodside is perhaps the last place you would find a scuba school and dive community. Think again! Superdive Scuba offers PADI scuba courses ranging from open water certifications through divemaster programs.

Ihawan – It’s the place to be if you like Filipino-style BBQ. Ihawan translates to the word Grill in English. The food is delicious and the prices are even better.

What You Don’t Know

The gigantic beech tree on 63rd Street between Woodside Avenue and Queens Boulevard towers five stories and is believed to be between 150 and 200 years old. Many experts say it was planted at the end of the Revolutionary War. The tree is in the process of being officially landmarked for added protection.

 Actor Ed Burns was born in Woodside and film director Francis Ford Coppola grew up on 49th Street in Woodside.

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