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Turtle Bay is best known for hosting the world’s dignitaries at United Nations once a year as the world institution sits on the eastern edge of the neighborhood along the East River.

But this midtown location offers a lot more, a bustling neighborhood teeming with high-rise apartment buildings and an easy walk to the Midtown business district.

Over the past two decades, developers have assembled almost every corner development site along Second Avenue and have built straight up. Not much left to assemble.

Some of the more glamorous, and of course most expensive, addresses are in close proximity to the United Nations. Trump World Tower, which caused a big stir with area residents, in particular, Walter Cronkite, when it was built sits just north of the United Nations Grounds. 

In contrast to the proliferation of the residential highrise, Turtle Bay does have some lovely tree-lined streets between the avenues. In particular, Turtle Bay Gardens, which fronts both 48th Street and 49th Street between Third and Second Avenue has always been a haven for the rich and famous.

What You Might See

Diplomatic plates. And lots of them. If you drive, good luck finding a parking spot. Signs in front of all the foreign missions forbade the natives from parking there. 

What You Don’t Know

The Turtle Bay Gardens townhouses that line East 48th Street and East 49th Street share a common backyard. These historic structures have been home to many a celebrity, including Katherine Hepburn and Kurt Vonnegut.

The ground on which the United Nations stands was once a stockyard.

What We Love

Who doesn’t love walking to work. Turtle Bay’s central location and proximity to the Midtown business district is a key attraction. When your commute is just a short walk, it just makes for a better day.

Restaurants. All the avenues bristle with restaurants and bars, culinary choices for every palette.

The energy and the sense of worldly intrigue during the world’s annual summit meeting at the United Nations. Our friends and relatives from afar all wonder if we have seen anyone worth mentioning.

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