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Quick Profile

Inwood isn’t at all like those trendy acronymed neighborhoods further downtown and it doesn’t quite have a notable claim to fame but there is something especially charming about this predominantly Dominican neighborhood. It’s family-oriented with mom and pop shops, hookah bars, sports facilities, recreational venues and ethhnic eateries.  

Inwood is the northernmost neighborhood of Manhattan. Any further north and you’ll be in the Bronx. It’s bounded by The Harlem River, which snakes around to its east and north side, The Hudson River and Inwood Hill Park to the west, and Fort George, an enclave of Washington Heights, to the south.

Rivers, hills and green spaces surround the neighborhood and the building height restrictions give it a suburban feel even though it's still part of the borough of Manhattan. Inwood, it’s the best of both worlds. 

Destination Spots

Inwood Hill Park - If you like the great outdoors then this is the spot for you. It has 196-acres of trails, caves, trees and views of the Hudson. It’s a lot different than Central Park because it's not completely man made. In fact, it’s the last natural forest and salt marsh left in Manhattan. A portion of the park is considered primordial green space, which means that it's been there way before any of us have. Dogs are welcome, so bring your four legged friends along for some added fun.

The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum - For the history buff in you. It's been on the corner of Broadway at 204th Street since 1784 when Inwood had dirt roads and pasturing cows. The Dutch Colonial style farmhouse was home to the Dyckman family for almost a century. It opened as a museum in 1916 and continues to serve the community in a half-acre park

Uptown Arts Stroll - Every year, since 2003, a wide variety of cultural events are held throughout the neighborhood. The Uptown Arts Stroll has grown from a single day event to a month-long celebration. It features open studios, art exhibitions, music venues, literary events, and performances during the month of June, throughout Northern Manhattan from West 135th Street to West 220th Street. Put it on your calendar, it’s worth the wait. 

What You Might See

Water. The Hudson River and The Harlem River surround three sides of the north tip of Manhattan Island. You’ll see parks too. Inwood Hill Park, Isham Park, Dyckman Park and Highbridge Park. Time to get your game on! With all those parks there is room for plenty of sports. Baseball fields, soccer fields, handball and tennis courts, basketball courts, roller hockey and kayaking - just to name a few. 

What You Don’t Know

Before Hollywood became Hollywood, several production companies and movie studios called Inwood their home base from 1895 - 1912. Back then the hills, streams, and rough terrain of Inwood and northern Manhattan could easily pass for the wild west. Eventually they left the area for the warmer climates of Los Angeles. 

Actor, singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda was born and raised in Inwood.

In 1925 construction workers found the remains of a mastodon (Prehistoric elephant like mammal) buried near what is now Dyckman and Seaman Avenue.

Living in Inwood

What’s in the Future

Tall buildings or no tall buildings. The zoning laws surrounding building height restrictions have been a hot topic in Inwood for quite some time. It’s in and out of the court system. Developers and real estate investors want to expand housing development and many government officials want to rezone parts of Inwood to allow taller but residents and community groups have been fighting it all along. 

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